Military Housing and Relocation

As a small local company of Colorado Springs we understand military relocation better than anyone.  We have a military relocation specialist on staff who has been there and knows how hard it can be.  If the service is taking you to other parts of the country let us be there to guide you through your short term housing needs.  We understand orders, and are here to help navigate.  We have housing close to all major bases in Colorado.  Ft. Carson, Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, and Schriever Air Force Base.  We understand working with per diem and can accommodate invoices to work with every branch and their billing needs.  

Whether you are stationed here for 3 months or PCSing here for a few years, we can accommodate your short term housing needs.  We are also a full service real estate team that can help in the home buying process.  All of our agents are fully trained to work with military relocation.  We love our soldiers and their families and look forward to making this transition as smooth as possible for you.  Contact us today. 


* Pricing Structure:
Based on a 3 month lease, longer leases have discounted rates
– One Bedroom: $2.500-$2,900 per month
– Two Bedrooms: $2,700-$3,100 per month
– Three Bedrooms: $3,200-$3,600 per month